What is QR Code?
What is QR Code?

What is QR Code, How it Works and How to Create a QR Code?

What is QR Code?|How QR Code Works ?|How to make QR Code?| How to generate QR code? |QR Code Generator With Logo |how to scan QR Code?

Friends, today we will talk about QR Code , what is it, and how does it work? In today’s digital age, everything is connected to computer and internet, barcodes and QR codes also come in the same link. When we go to buy something from the market or go to a shopping mall, then when we pay the bill, then the bill is made to us, he scans the QR code or barcode through a machine and sees its MRP.

And the bill is printed and comes to us, then we pay it, this is a modern way to see the rate of the goods we are buying, and many other types of information can be stored in it, which can only be read by those who read it. Can be read only through scanner.

What is QR Code?

Friends what is QR code? This I am going to tell you QR Code means Quick Response Code. It stores any kind of our data in a digital format, which we cannot read, it can be read only through its machine, nowadays, this facility has come in the smartphone too, by scanning it with a smartphone. can read. Seeing it as a square shaped code with black and white spots, we have no understanding of what it is, it is made through the process because it can only be read by the scanning machine. The UR code was used in Japan in 1994, which was created by a person named Denso Wave who was a resident of Japan.

What is QR Code, How it Works and How to Create a QR Code?

How does QR Code work?

 Through this code, we convert our information into digital form and to read it, we need a digital scanner, usually we cannot read it, it is only visible to us in square shape, it has black and white spots. Whereas usually the data is in the form of tax, then the scanner will not be able to read it. A lot of information can be stored in it, you can also share your information through QR code , through this you can also attend the product track. can do. It is made through an online procedure and reading it is not a matter for a common man, it can only be scanned by scanner machines and new age smartphones.

Types of QR Codes

On the basis of structure, function and use, QR codes are divided into two categories. which is like this-

Static QR Code

Static QR codes are used to disseminate public information and are rarely edited. This QR Court is published by Posters, TV & Newspapers, Magazines etc. The creator of this code is able to get the information. like.What is QR Code?

How many times the QR Code was scanned.What is QR Code?

OS of the device from which the scan was done.What is QR Code?

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR code is a kind of live code which is edited from time to time. It is also known as Unique QR Code . The creators of this code can track many types of information such as

Scanner name

E mail ID

how many times scanned

Access to the information contained in the code

Conversation Rate E.T.C

Functions of QR Code

You can use QR code in your WiFi like you can connect any of your friends through direct QR code instead of telling them the password.What is QR Code?

You can also get the payment done by scanning the QR code from the customer.

You can also use it for facebook page because it will have link to facebook page so whenever someone scans this code it will reach your facebook page.What is QR Code?

It can also be used in visiting card.

You can easily use it for website also.

You can send SMS without typing the number. For this, you just have to scan the QR code of the SMS sender. The number comes as soon as you scan.

Benefits of QR Codes

There are many benefits of QR code , it can store much more information than barcode.

If you have to share any link of YouTube, then you can also send it to others through QR code.

There is no need to send very long tax, by scanning the one you are sending, it can open your link quickly.

This link is not limited to your video website or any other gender, but in this you can send your message phone number, coupon and also your location through QR code which is in a digital form.

When we go to buy a product in a shopping mall, then you must have seen that the barcode or QR code is written on the top of the product, it can only spin the QR code.What is QR Code?

In this, 50 times more data can be stored than the barcode, while the barcode holds very little data.

To scan a barcode, you also have to see the direction, it gets scanned more easily than the barcode.

How to generate QR code?

Here we are telling you how to make QR Code, for this first we have to open our Google Chrome, after that there are many such websites, with the help of online tools, you can create QR code very easily, for this first we need to know about it. The website has to be visited. This is the website.What is QR Code

When the website opens, enter your URL on it.

After entering the URL, you will see many options.

After this you will see the option of Add QR Code, click on it.

Enter the information you want to convert into the QR code.

Then click on add option.

After that select the option of Create Code.

After this you will see that your QR code will be ready in the right side of the screen.

After that you can download it.

After downloading, save it and you can send it to where you want to send it.

So friends, you have seen how easy it is to create a QR code that you can make yourself and through this QR code, you can send your information anywhere by keeping it secret.

How secure is QR Code

Like we told you how important QR code has become in daily life. Everything has its advantages and at the same time there are some disadvantages, similarly who else we can not say completely safe because this security can be changed very easily, let’s say that there are some dangerous things in it too. can be inserted. For example , if a criminal wants, then someone can put any of his moulicious URL on such a QR code and fix it in a place where there is a lot of traffic. After this, he can very easily enter the mobile of that head, which can increase a lot of danger. .What is QR Code

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