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What is RAM and how does it work? New 2021

What is RAM and how does it work?

What is RAM? How does RAM work? Computer Ram Working | How many types of RAM are there? How much RAM is required in mobile?

What is RAM and how does it work?

Whenever we go to the market to get a mobile computer or laptop, we must see about its RAM, how much RAM is there in it. And how much is the internal memory ROM ROM is the internal memory which is in the hard disk. And RAM is a chip that accesses memory, so it is called random access memory. When you go into the configuration on a mobile laptop or computer, you get to know how many GB RAM and how many GB ROM it has.What is RAM and how does it work?

 RAM does not have much GB, it is up to 1GB or 2GB as it is random access memory. ROM is the internal memory which is saved in the hard disk, in which all our data is stored, so it is called internal memory or can also be called secondary memory.What is RAM and how does it work?

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What is Ram?

What is RAM and how does it work?

Be it computer or mobile, RAM is a very important thing in all devices because because of this, any device works better. RAM is used in any computer, laptop or mobile, its most essential part is its function to store data but this work continues as long as we work. That’s why its full name is Random Access Memory and when we turn off the device, its work ends. If your device is switched off i.e. off then your RAM does not work at that time and when we turn on the device and open any application then it starts its work. RAM works to send the required files to the CPU as quickly as possible.

What is RAM and how does it work?

Computer Ram Working

When you install a game, it is not installed in the RAM, but it is installed in the internal memory of the phone. When you click on that game, it goes from the phone’s memory to RAM to run and RAM starts working. Meanwhile, information is exchanged very fast between CPU and RAM . But when the RAM of your computer or mobile is less and you are running a big app by opening it, then the mobile or computer hangs in such a situation. That’s why it is said that more rain is useful for multitasking.

How much RAM is required in mobile?

If seen in today’s time, then the mobile must have at least 2GB RAM because nowadays the size of the app is increasing slowly like 200 to 300 GB MB RAM is spent in opening Facebook itself. Apart from Facebook, many apps are being upgraded as well as their size is also increasing. If you want to do multitasking on your mobile.What is RAM and how does it work?

Then it is necessary to have at least 2GB RAM in the mobile because it does not cause the problem of hanging in the mobile, although 3GB and 4GB RAM smartphones are also available in the market. If possible, you should buy a device with more RAM because RAM is such a thing that it cannot be increased later but there is an option to increase it in computer but there is no option in mobile.

What is RAM and how does it work?

type of ram

Due to the continuous development in the computer, other important parts of it have also developed, including RAM. Due to the development in RAM, it has also been made available in different functions and features. Which is divided into two major types-What is RAM and how does it work?


 The full form of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory . In which the word static states that the data remains constant in RAM and does not need to be refreshed again and again. This is the wall tile memory of RAM, so the data is present in it till the power is on. When the power is turned off, all the data gets deleted. This memory is  used as cache memory.

  • It lasts for a long time and is very fast.
  • It does not need to be refreshed frequently.
  •  It is used for cache memory
  •  It has more size and is more expensive than others.
  •  It needs more power.


The full name of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory . In which the word dynamic means always changing, so this RAM has to be constantly refreshed, only then data can be stored in it. ddr3 ram is a good example of this memory. The drum is used as the main memory of the CPU because data can be retrieved randomly from it. And new data is automatically stored in it, due to which the working efficiency of the CPU remains. The drum is also volatile, so the data is stored in it only till the power supply is turned on. Nowadays, drums are used only in computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. because they are cheaper than sram.What is RAM and how does it work?

  • It lasts for very few days.
  •  It needs to be refreshed frequently.
  •  It is very slow and its size is also less.
  •  It is cheaper than others and requires less power.

Benefits of RAM

  • RAM is a chip embedded in the motherboard which is a part of the Central Processing Unit.
  • It is part of the primary memory of the computer, without this the device cannot do its work because it controls the speed and whatever data is there.What is RAM and how does it work?
  • It can be accessed randomly, it works as long as your device is turned on, after the device is turned off, its work ends, it is cheaper than ROM and it is installed in a separate slot from the hard disk .
  • It does not have any relation with the internal storage, it only works to keep the speed right, it has another advantage that we can start any application from anywhere and can work on many applications simultaneously, so it can be accessed randomly. is called memory.

Features of RAM

  • RAM is an important part of the CPU.
  • Without it the computer cannot do its work.
  • RAM is the primary memory of the computer.
  • Available data can be accessed randomly.
  • RAM is expensive and separate from storage.
  • RAM is also called working memory of computer.
  • All program applications and instructions run in this memory only.
  • This memory is emptied when the light is cut off
  • Talking about the speed, it is much faster than the secondary memory.
  • It is expensive as compared to other memory.
What is RAM and how does it work?
What is RAM and how does it work?

How does RAM work?

  • When our mobile laptop or computer is turned off, RAM is empty and it is not used as soon as we open our device , RAM starts doing its work.What is RAM and how does it work?
  • Your application operating system starts loading in the device and all the software you work on and work only through RAM
  • By working on one application, then we keep working on other applications without closing it, as long as our device remains on, RAM works on all applications.
  • When we turn off the device, RAM stops working, at that time when the device is turned off, the work of ROM does not stop.
  • Sometimes it happens that we open many applications and keep working on any one without closing them.
  • Such a mobile or laptop hangs, so we should keep the same application open on which we are working and when we close any application, the application sends its storage to ROM and RAM sends it to the internal device.
  • Therefore, after opening more applications, the speed of RAM decreases, so while buying a device, we should keep in mind that we should take a device of more GB RAM.What is RAM and how does it work?

difference between computer and mobile ram

  • LPDDR is used in most of the mobile processors, PCDDR is used in the same computer.
  • The full form of LPDDR is low power double data synchronous ram , while the full form of PCDDR is standard double data synchronous ram .What is RAM and how does it work?
  • Both these RAMs differ from each other in power.
  • Mobile RAM is designed to save more power while PC Rain is designed to increase performance.
  • Mobile processors are primarily designed to strike a balance between performance and power.

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