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What is ROM and full form of Rom, how does it work?2021


What is Rom? How does it work? What is the full form of ROM?How many types of ROMs are there? What is the difference between ROM and RAM.

Friends, today we will talk ROM is about and what ROM and how does it work? There are two types of memory in our computer laptop and mobile number 1 primary memory number two secondary memory. Primary memory is called RAM, secondary memory is called ROM. When we go to buy mobile computer laptops from the market, then we definitely see how many GB RAM is there in it, whoever brings a laptop to a new mobile, we ask him how much RAM is there and how much ROM is there, so nowadays it is seen a lot. It is very important to look at these things while taking a phone, laptop and computer.

what is rom

The full form of ROM is Read Only Memory. It is an important part of the computer, as it is, it is connected to the motherboard of the computer, as we all know that there are two types of memory in our computer or mobile which are known as RAM and ROM. ROM is also called permanent storage because data is saved in it. When we turn on our mobile or computer, RAM starts doing its work and when we turn off the computer or mobile then the entire data is saved in ROM. it happens. We can also add ROM separately, such as pen drive in computer in the form of chip in mobile, hard drive is also called ROM.

What is ROM and how does it work?
What is ROM and how does it work?

Features of Rom

  • When we go to buy a mobile or computer, we check its internal memory, it appears that the internal memory is 32gb. But what we see in the configuration of the mobile, then it appears 27 or 28gb.
  • As its full name is read only memory, it is less visible to us, that is why it is called ROM because there is a fixed program in it, which we cannot do anything nor delete it.What is ROM and how does it work?
  • It is already in the computer’s memory, whose data is read only and nothing can be written or erased in it. ROM is one of the components attached to the computer.
  • It is a core part of the computer and is a primary storage device. It is the size of a chip and is attached to the mother board. It boots up the computer and gives new life to your data when you open the computer for the second time.
What is ROM and how does it work?

What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

There is a very special difference between ROM and RAM, when we switch off our computer, RAM loses its data, but ROM does not require regular power from anyone to do its work. ROM even after the computer is turned off. You can save your information. The use of ROM chip helps to turn on the computer. The ROM chip works slowly. ROM chips can store a few megabytes of data and are also used in some gaming system cartridges. ROM is a non-volatile memory whereas RAM is volatile. Data can be stored permanently in ROM whereas it cannot be saved permanently in RAM.

What is ROM and how does it work?

Advantages of ROM

  • ROM is available at a much lower cost than RAM
  • Its data is not changed automatically, but only when we change something in it, it is changed. This makes the program permanent. It does not need to be refreshed.What is ROM and how does it work?
  • Data remains in RAM as long as the power supply is there and in ROM the data remains saved even after the power supply is cut.What is ROM and how does it work?
  • The data in ROM is put very thoughtfully, which we cannot change again and again, we can edit something online.

How ROM works

As you know, the full form of ROM is Read Only Memory. ROMs store all their data on ESI memory such as audio, video, photos, documents and the software or apps that you download are also saved in ROM itself. The speed of ROM is less than that of RAM. There is a huge difference in the price of ROM and RAM, which is especially because the speed of RAM is high and the cost of making it is high. The cost of making a room is less, so its cost is less.What is ROM and how does it work?

What are the types of ROM 

PROM – Programmable Read Only Memory

As you know that there is ROM which we can update by changing once, then we can never update or change it. What happens is that there are some small fuses inside which signals are inserted through programming, then after programming it once, it cannot be changed again, it is like a digital memory IC and it is used in CRT monitor. is done. It is a permanent time program and the data stored in it is also permanent. This mostly happens in electrically powered devices. Therefore it is considered better.

EPROM – erasable and programmable

This is a ROM chip that stores the computer’s data after the computer is turned off and is used in P, C, O computer TV tuner. In this data is inserted and erased with the help of laser. The special thing about this ROM is that we can easily delete, program and edit it.What is ROM and how does it work?

EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Friends, whenever there has been a change in technology, then the ROM has to be changed, that is why this memory was used because with this we can open and close 20000 times and can also change the program, any data can be stored in it. that is connected to the motherboard of the computer, its job is to start the computer.What is ROM and how does it work?

The way tubelight used to have a starter, it works in the same way, in this you can erase and edit any kind of data, so you need to give a signal from the bytes. It has a safe time under which it The work is done.

EAROM- Electric Eterible Read Only Memory

It looks like a semi conductor in which you can change what you want by giving some electric signal. Together with RAM, it helps to turn on the computer and turn on the display. It looks like an IC.

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