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What is Software (What Is Software) – How many types of software are there?

What is Software (What Is Software) - How many types of software are there?
What is Software (What Is Software) - How many types of software are there?

What is Software (What Is Software) – How many types of software are there?

What Is Software | What is software? What are the types of software? How to make software What is the role of software in computer

Today we are going to talk about software. You all know that to do any work in our daily life, we completely depend on the computer or our mobile, but still we do not have as much knowledge of technology as it should be. Do you know That our mobile or computer is absolutely useless without software because any work from computer or mobile is done by the software itself. So let’s again today we through your post Software ‘s software as all the important information related to? Will tell about its types etc. If you guys also want to know more information related to software in detail, then definitely read our post till the end.

Software Do ?

First of all, we would like to tell you in very easy and simple language that software is an application through which our computer or mobile phone runs. Software is used to run applications on the computer. It is an application which is used to run the computer and perform some specific task. For example, suppose we read or watch something on Google or web browser, then it is called software because if it was not there, would we be able to find any information related to someone on the internet.

It is a matter of software , but do you know that all the parts like keyboard, monitor, mouse and printer are called hardware. And on the other hand the applications pointing to them like Internet, MS Office, Excel Word etc. are called software. Freeware is another name for free computer software . You can use these free computer software absolutely for free.

what are the types of software

In our daily life, we install some new software on computer, laptop or mobile to make our work easier. So let us then now we will tell you the types of software which is as follows-

  • 1) System Software
  • 2) Application Software
  • 3) Utility Software

system software

System software is the one that manages and controls the hardware of our computer. It is because of the system software that the application software in our computer runs and works on it. Now we give you an example of System Software such that whatever your window uses is a group of System Software programs, other examples of which are as follows-

1). Operating System

2). Assembler

3). Compiler

4). Interpreter

What is Software (What Is Software) – How many types of software are there?

application software

The programs written to do the main tasks dependent on our computer are called Application Software . There are different software according to our need for different use, which is made keeping in mind their need in big companies. Some of these applications are provided to you for free and for some you have to pay.

There are many examples of application software –



power point

ms word

ss excel

utility software

Friends, now we tell you about utility software . Utility software is responsible for servicing and repairing the operating system of the computer. Apart from this, utility software also performs the task of servicing some hardware so that its speed and power can be increased. Many of these come with the utility operating system and some have to be taken separately. like


disk defragmenter

history of software

In the 19th century, the world’s first program was written by Ada Lovelace , which was published for Charles Babbage ‘s Analytical Engine . Ada Lovelace is also known as the first computer programmer because it was she who proved how this engine would calculate Bernoulli Numbers . First Alan Turing wrote in his essay: “Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem” . The term software was first coined by John Tukey , a mathematician and statistician.

What is Software (What Is Software) - How many types of software are there?
What is Software (What Is Software) – How many types of software are there?

How to make software?

Friends Software is not an easy task to make if you are interested in software development, you can begin to learn the first programming language. By learning these languages, you can develop various types of software. But there are many programming languages ​​in it, which can be a big problem, it is very difficult to choose these languages ​​to learn it. Therefore, how you are interested in making an application is very important. For example, if you are interested in creating simple applications, then you should go for C, C#, C++, Java, PHP, Swift, etc. Languages ​​have to be learned. But if you want to develop software related to new technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain, then you can learn high-level languages ​​like Python.

If you say in easy language, which software you want to develop according to your interest, you can select that language, for which you should also study software engineering. Once you have made a choice, find out where to learn that language. There are thousands of such websites and YouTube tutorials available on the Internet today, from where you can easily learn any programming language for free.

Below are the names of some of the major programming languages ​​that you can learn:




Java Language

C Language







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