Home Information What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? -Tally Course,Tally version

What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? -Tally Course,Tally version

What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? -Tally Course,Tally version
What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? -Tally Course,Tally version

What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? – Learn Tally Course

What is Tally?How to Learn Tally | Learn Tally Course ? What can I do in Tally? Tally Solution | How to download Tally? How many days course is tally?What is Tally?

Nowadays computer is very important item which is used in every business. Apart from business, our day-to-day work also like bank work, cyber cafe work and many more work is done by computer only. If you have chosen commerce stream for your 12th after passing tenth, then during this time you must have heard the name of a course which is given a lot of importance in the world of accounting in today’s time and that is Tally.What is Tally?

 With which we can do all the account work very easily in one place. So let us tell you how to use Tally through this post today? What are its benefits and what is its history? Will provide you complete information related to this. If you want to go, then definitely do this post of ours till the end.

What is Tally?

The full form of Tally is  Transaction allowed in a linear line yards . Tally is the most used application in the whole world. Can record all transaction work from Delhi. Tally makes all the calculations easy. Tele is such an important software that is known all over the world for business records and calculations. Tally keeps all the data of the company safe. Earlier all this work was done in diary but nowadays all the work from tele can be maintained at one place on computer. When it comes to accounting in computer, only one software name comes in people’s mind and that is Tele. The tele provider company, which maintains business dealings and accounts securely in the computer, has its head office in Bangalore.

Apart from India, this tally software is very popular in many other countries. This is the most important aspect in business management. Earlier in the copy or register diary, we had to do everything by drawing a line with a scale pencil and making a column and at the same time keep a calculator for counting, but now on the computer we get a software on which to make columns without any hassle. , Cross checking, Counting, Record keeping everything is done very easily and that is done with the help of Tally software.

What is Tally? How to Learn Tally? -Tally Course,Tally version
What is Tally

History of tally

 Tally Software was developed by Tally Solution Pvt Ltd and is based in Bangalore. Tally Solution Pvt Ltd is established in the year 1986 by Mr. Shyamsunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka . At that time both of them used to run a company that used to apply raw material and machine parts to other plants and textile mills, so they did not have any software to manage this business so that they could easily do their calculations. So he asked his son to make such a software so that he could manage the business easily. After that Bharat Goenka launched the first version for accounting application as MS Dos application which had only basic account function named Putronics Financial Account.

In 1988 the name of this product was changed to Tally for the first time and in 1999 this company formally changed the name of the company to Tally Solution . It was developed by Shyam Sundar Goenka along with his son.What is Tally?

Different versions of Tally

Tally 3.0 –

The world’s first version of Tally 3.0. Came in 1990. It was used for small business.

Tally 3.12-   

Tally 3.12 is the second version which came in the world in 1991, in which some new features were increased.

Tally 4-  

Tally 4:00 came in 1992 it supports DOS it is different from previous 2 versions.

Tally 5.4-  

Tally 5.4 came in 1996 it was very popular version and became the best accounting software

Tally 6.3-  

Tally Six Point 3 came in 2001, it supported the Windows operating system.

Tally 7.2-

Tally 7.2 came in 2005 it came with new features and was fast version. There were not many things in it like the best HD complaint accept.

Tally 8.1

Tally 8.1 came with some new things in 2006 like module of POS hand patrol features.

Tally 9

Tally Nine came in 2006 in which Excise Parole ETDS filling facility came with this TDS.

Tally ERP 9-

  Tally ERP 9 came in 2009 with new features like GST Calculation Invoice Remote SS Multi User Login Transaction. This is very important and simple application for businessmen they want another new version to come so that more Make everything easy.What is Tally?

Benefits of Tally Course

Easy to grow business

 With the growing business, it is needed with the help of strict monitoring that it is known that the business runs in profit and when it has to face losses, once it is known that when the losses are happening in the business. And what causes arise, then it becomes very easy to improve them and grow business, with the help of Tele you can easily keep a record of things like list, parole and banking etc.

data security-

 Before using any software, any company would like that its data should not be shared by the software company in other places. By doing this, the company’s competitors can take advantage of this. The biggest advantage of using Tally is that your data is not shared by any other business or person. The data stored in this software is completely limited to you. No one can access your data even if you want, unless you have permission.

Manage Client Data-

  When you use Tally software, you do not have to use any other software to arrange the client’s data. You can store all the client data in one place. You can make any changes in it. You do not need to start over again and again.What is Tally?

Globally Accessible-

It is not possible to carry any kind of record book with you all the time. In such a situation, Globally Accessible means that with the help of Tally software, you can see and analyze your data sitting anywhere in any corner of the world with the help of internet. All you need is a system and internet for this.

 GST Solution-

  Enterprises in India had a great impact since the implementation of GST in 2016-17. In the initial period, people had to face a lot of difficulties in understanding it. Keeping this in mind, Tally Solution has made available the facility to file GST in its software. With the help of this feature, it became very easy for people to know about GST and file GST returns.What is Tally?

Saves Incorrect Data-

 These mistakes can be avoided by using Tally software. It is highly capable of keeping records of your post dated cheques, investments made in the bank and other information.

How many days course is Tally?

Tally course can last for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months . It depends on different institutes that in how much time they finish the course. But you can learn Tally course in about 3 months. Rest Tally is very easy to learn it just depends on the power of your mind that in how much time you can complete it. In the first month, students are given basic information related to Tally and in the second and third months they are explained about its advanced features such as GST, Payroll etc.

How to learn Tally?

This question is often asked by people that how they can learn to use Tally software. And many times people are confused about whether they should learn Tally by taking online courses or with the help of offline courses. Whether you take online courses or take offline classes to learn Tally. The most important thing is that you have the desire and passion to learn.What is Tally?

Tally Software Online Course

By the way, you will find many courses on the Internet which claim that you will get all the knowledge about Tally with their help, but many of these courses are fake, whose purpose is not to learn but to earn money. In such a situation, if you want to do online courses, then before choosing any platform, you must know about it. Be sure to read the reviews of any course before buying it.

You are enrolled in those online courses which –

  • Provide you a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • The certificate provided by whom is globally valid.

Tally Software Offline Course

You will find many institutes offline to get Tally courses done. You can choose them by looking at their popularity and reviews. If you want to finish the course quickly, then you can choose such institutes which complete the entire course in a month. On the other hand, if you have the time and you are interested in learning the software well, then you can choose the course of 3 months

 Some Basic Functions of Accounting

Capital – 

When any money is used for business, then that amount is called capital, apart from this it is also called equity.

Transaction –

The process of making a transaction is called a transaction, in which service and product are exchanged.


When a company owner gives back some amount as a discount to his customer in order to increase the use of his products and service, it is called discount. There are two types of discount

Trade discount

These discount sellers give their customers the list price as a present.

Cash Discount

 This is given to the customer in the form of cash on timely billing


These messages are similar to those that are taken from someone in the form of a loan.


 All the things related to business are called assets.

What can I do in Tally?

  • Create company e
  • Journal entries
  • Vouchers
  • Budget
  • Cost centre
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • What is a group and how to create a group in tally?
  • Calculator

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