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What is Team Viewer and how to use it free in Computer 2021

What is Team Viewer and how to use it in Computer

What is Team Viewer? how to use team viewer in computer Team Viewer 15 free download | How to Download Team Viewer | Team Viewer Free Download Kaise kare |

 Friends, today’s topic is TEAM VIEWER as you know? Nowadays computer is so important in our life, nowadays no work anywhere is done without computer whether it is work from home, office work or bank is done everywhere by computer and like Coronavirus is going on nowadays. You are working from home and you are not allowed to go out and in such a situation,

if you face any problem and do not understand how to do this work on the computer, then you can use TeamViewer, you can talk to your boss on the computer. Can get you connected to team viewer. By which he will be able to understand you easily but there will be some people who do not know about team viewer, what is team viewer or how it works? Today, through today’s article, we will tell you what is TEAM VIEWER and how does it work?

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What is Team Viewer?

TEAM VIEWER is a software for remote control text of sharing, online meeting, wap conference and file transfer, which allows two and more than two computers from team viewer, you can see and work in other’s computer sitting at your home team viewer remote Where does the access go because with this you can see other’s computer laptop or mobile. With its help, you can remotely access computers and laptops. You can see and work in it whether it is in another corner of the same city or in a city of another country.

Why use Team Viewer ?

 Teamviewer is a software we use for text sharing online meeting wap conference. With this we can also transfer files to another computer.

What is Team Viewer and how to use it in Computer
What is Team Viewer and how to use it in Computer

 How to download Team Viewer?

 If you do office work from home then this is the best option for you. Let us tell you how to run Team Yuva on your computer, follow the steps given below.

  • Download software:   Teamviewer acts as a telephone between two computers. Install Team System in both computers Go to the site given below to download the three youths on your computer.
  • Configured:   When TeamViewer will stall. Click on Run will appear on your screen and when the account is done Agree the license agreement After formatting choose one of the Person Noncommercial Use and click on Next. Friendship will open on the screen, click on Set you unattended access and proceed.
  • Create an account.   Enter your computer password and tap Next, then you will be asked for your email address and TeamViewer password. Note the password with you and click Next.
  • Activate the team:   Open your email om message other teamviewer. Open the view and click on the link your new registration will be done.
  • Set up the laptop.   Click on I Have a TeamViewer Account and login with your email address and password.
What is Team Viewer and how to use it in Computer

 How to run Team Viewer ? 

 If you want to send your file from two computers to another computer then follow the steps given below.

  • Open   TeamViewer. Open TeamViewer on both computers.
  • Enter ID:   Open the team viewer and enter the other team and key ID
  • Click Log On.   Enter Teamviewer’s password Enter the password and click Login. You will be shown the screen of another computer.
  • Now you can easily do your work in another computer.

 Is TeamViewer safe?

 Teamviewer traffic is completely secure with RSA public private key exchange and aes-256 station encryption.

 Can Team Youth Get Hacked?

 There must be a question in everyone’s mind, can TeamViewer be hacked, then your answer is no that the youth cannot be hacked yet, there is no proof of this yet. Because only 42 million people say that we have not faced any such problem till now.


 I hope that through this article you must have understood that what is a team and how to run it, how to transfer files from one computer to another computer from team viewer, in the same way, through your article, you will get every I’ll tell you about something.

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