Home Information What is Visa? – How to get Visa?Apply Visa Online free

What is Visa? – How to get Visa?Apply Visa Online free

What is Visa? - How to get Visa?
What is Visa? - How to get Visa?

What is Visa? – How to get Visa

What is Visa? How to get Visa? Apply Visa Online ?what are the types of visa

Whenever we go on a foreign trip, first of all we need two things passport and visa. Like you all know about passport and it is very easy to get it made but many people do not know about visa, it is very important to go abroad besides passport, it is a kind of permit. Which is given to us by the government during foreign travel. There are many countries where we do not require a visa, but there are many countries where visa is required and it is also made with little difficulty. Today you will provide all the information related to Visa through this post.

What is Visa? - How to get Visa?
What is Visa? – How to get Visa?

V Is Zsa ?

Like we just told you that to go on foreign trip somewhere outside we need two things passport and visa. It is a permit that allows us to live or roam in another country by the government. To go on foreign tour, we first have to get a permission letter from the government which is called Visa. To get a visa, we have to tell the government the reason for going abroad and for how many days we have to go. The full form of Visa in English language is Visitors International Stay Admission . The visa remains as a stamp on our passport page.

The work of getting visa Jesus is usually done by the Embassy or Consulate of our country. The Creation Authority of the country in which we want to visit, issues Visa for us. There are different types of directions on the basis of travelling-

Transit Visa

Tourist Visa

Business Visa

On-Arrival Visa

Partner Visa

Student Visa

Working Visa

Diplomatic Visa

Journalist Visa

Marriage Visa

Immigrant Visa

What is Visa? – How to get Visa?

Type of visa

1- Transit Visa

This visa is issued at the time when a person traveling abroad has to pass through a third country, this visa is valid for only 5 days.

2- Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is issued when we go for outing somewhere. With this type of visa, we can only roam, do not engage in business activity. Apart from this, there are also countries where tourist visa is not issued.

3- Marriage Visa

Marriage Visa When an Indian boy or girl wants to marry a foreign boy or girl, then that person can apply for a marriage visa by visiting the Indian Embassy of the country. This type of visa is issued for a fixed period of time.

4- Business Visa

When we go to other country to do business and participate in any business related program, then we have to take business visa, apart from this, if we want to do permanent job abroad then we have to apply for that also business visa.

5- On-Arrival Visa

To get this type of visa, we need to already have another visa because the agreement department of our country checks it before boarding the flight. This type of visa is issued only at the time of entering the country.

6- Partner Visa

A person wants to call his spouse living in another country with him. Then his partner is issued a partner visa.

7- Student Visa

Student visa is issued to study in another country, if a person wants to go abroad for a degree or any course, then he has to apply for a student visa.

8- Working Holiday Visa

When a person has to go to another country for a working holiday program on behalf of a company or organization, he has to apply for a working holiday visa, this type of visa allows for travel as well as temporary work.

9- Diplomatic Visa

This type of visa is issued only for diplomats.

10- Cortezzi Visa

This visa is issued to the officials of the foreign government or international organization, such visas do not come under the diplomatic category.

11- Journalist Visa

This type of visa is for those people who are associated with news organizations who have to travel from one country to another.

12- Immigrant Visa

When a person wants to settle permanently in another country, in such a situation, agreement visa is issued, this visa is only for single journey.

13- Pension Visa (or Retirement Visa)

This type of visa is issued in a few countries like Australia. This visa is given to those people who do not want to earn money by going to another country.

14- Medical Visa

Medical visas are provided to people to seek treatment in a reputed and recognized specialized hospital in India. Apart from this, 2 people who come in blood relation with the patient who goes are allowed to come but for this they must have a separate medical attendant.

What is Visa? – How to get Visa?

Required Documents

  • identity card
  • Aadhar card
  • electricity bill
  • telephone bill

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