Home Information What is WIFI and how long does it work?

What is WIFI and how long does it work?

What is WIFI and how long does it work?
What is WIFI and how long does it work?

What is WiFi?How long does WiFi work? What is the full name of Wi-Fi? WiFi speed and distance capacity

In today’s era of internet, without wifi internet technology has no meaning. In today’s era, most people are using WiFi. By installing an Internet connection, you can take advantage of the Internet facility by connecting all the mobile phones, computers, laptops in the house through WiFi. For example, if you get a broadband only, then its With the help of router, you can run multiple devices without any cable. Today we will tell you through this post related to WiFi like how does it work? And what are its benefits? And how far does it work? Will provide all the important information.

What is WiFi?

The full form of WiFi is Wireless Fidelity . Which is also called WLAN network. The waves used by WiFi technology in this are known as radio rays . WiFi was invented in 1991 by O Sullivan and Johan Deane . WiFi is a standard that we and you follow to connect computers to a wireless network. In today’s time, almost all smartphones, laptops, printers and computers have WiFi chip, through which we and you connect wireless router and use the Internet. Once WiFi is enabled, once connected to the wireless router, you can access the Internet. But the router also needs to be connected to the internetDSL and cable modem have to be used otherwise there is no internet access.

What is WIFI and how long does it work?
What is WIFI and how long does it work?

What is Software

What is RAM

WiFi speed and distance capacity

IEEE 802.11a

This WIFI technology was invented by IEEE in 1999 which can work up to 110 feet at 54 Mbps speed on 5 GHz.

IEEE 802.11b

 It was made for home use in 1999 that operates up to 115 feet at 5 GHz frequency at 11 Mbps speed.

IEEE 802.11g

This WiFi technology was created in 2003 by combining 802.11a and 802.11b, which was capable of working up to 120 feet on 2.4 GHz at 54 Mbps speed.

IEEE 802.11ac

It was developed in 2013 and it can also be called the fifth generation of WiFi. Its speed is 3 times more than 802.11n. It operates on a frequency of about 1.3Gbps and has a range of 115 feet. Nowadays most of the devices use this WiFi.

IEEE 802.11n

This WiFi technology was created in 2009 to work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz recurring routers. Its data sending speed could work up to 54 Mbps and 250 feet.

History of WIFI

The introduction of WiFi technology was announced by the FCC of the United States in 1985. After that actors Hedy Lamarr and Gearge Antheil licensed separate spectrum technology in 1941 . After this technology, there was a lot of improvement in the signal. Followed by NCR Corporation said Victor Hayes and Bruce Tuch together in 1988 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 

Request to create a standard to which was designed in 1997 and has been published with the name “802.11” was . After that its next version “802.11b”Posted on. This version became popular within a very short time. It quickly established its position in the hardware market. After that, in the year 2002, a word consisting of the words wireless and hi-fi was formed, where did the WiFi go, which is still called WiFi technology.

What is WIFI and how long does it work?

Features of WiFi

  • • Its biggest feature is that through a single modem we can connect many devices to it.
  • • By taking a high speed internet network, we can run all the laptop computers and mobiles in our house with the same model by connecting cable modem.
  • • While traveling, we can connect to any WiFi network and that too for free and we do not have to pay any money.
  • • The use of WiFi through cable modem is much less than the recharge plan of any mobile company ie SIM company.
  • • The speed of any WiFi is much faster than the mobile network company.
  • • Due to the high speed of WiFi, we can do our video uploading and downloading very quickly.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • • Due to the high speed of WiFi technology, we can easily make video and audio calls on any application like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp by connecting it.What is WIFI and how long does it work?

benefits of wifi

  • When you start it by clicking on the icon of WIFI then you can take advantage of internet facility through wireless router.
  • For that you have to install a cable modem which is provided by internet service provider. You can use more than one device by connecting with the help of Wi-Fi.
  • If you have 4G connection in your smartphone then you can connect multiple mobiles with your mobile which have to use hotspot.
  • Only through Hotspot you can get network signal from one mobile to another via WiFi.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • The most important and important advantage of WiFi is that it is quite standardized, meaning a Wi-Fi router can run in all the countries of the world.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • You can access the internet from anywhere on the go, such as bus trains, coffee shops, supermarkets, where this network is located.

disadvantages of wifi

  • Although you will find gigabit speed WiFi in the market, but till now they are not available gigabit speed in every location.
  • This is a medium dependent network, this means that the strength of the signal decreases as soon as the WiFi signal crosses any wall because WiFi has a fixed range.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • You can access WiFi only in a fixed location, the farther you go, the lower the speed of the network.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • Nowadays, anyone can steal your data by entering any system through Wi-Fi, so this is the biggest disadvantage of this technology.

How does WIFI work?

  • When we take an internet connection and put a modem in it, its router works and converts the outer internet signal into radio rays and these radio waves convert it into a wifi area.What is WIFI and how long does it work?
  • Similarly, when connecting one smartphone to another, the hotspot works the same way that a cable modem does.
  • Waves emanating from a WiFi router can easily reach other rooms in a house by crossing the walls, but if the distance increases, its speed decreases and due to more walls, its speed also decreases.
  • If there is only one wall in the middle then the speed remains almost the same but when we reach the third and fourth room then its speed decreases.
  • You can also use a password in your WiFi system, the advantage of this is that we can add the same people whom we want to connect to the WiFi, so no outsider enters the password for it not to connect to it.
What is WIFI and how long does it work?

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