What is Yahoo ? Who created the Yahoo search engine and how it works
What is Yahoo ? Who created the Yahoo search engine and how it works

What is Yahoo ? Who created the Yahoo search engine and how it works

What is Yahoo ? Who created the Yahoo search engine? How To Use Yahoo Search Engine | How to Verify Yahoo Account ? How to install Yahoo search engine ?

Friends, today we are going to talk about what is Yahoo. As we all know that whenever any question comes in our mind, we first google it. Because Google is a search engine by which we are given the answer to that question. Similarly, Yahoo is also a search engine through which you can search the question that comes to your mind. So friends, today we are going to provide you complete information like what is Yahoo, who created Yahoo Search Engine and how it works through this article . Please read our article till the end.

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo is a type of search engine on which you can easily find the answer to the question in your mind. Let us tell you that you can also consider Yahoo as a directory more than a search engine because Yahoo gives more than 40 answers related to whatever question you search. Yahoo, Bing and Google are the most used search engines. In this, along with your questions, you can get information like Calendar, News, Images, Finance, Gadgets, Real Estate, Mail, Music, Sports, Movies etc. Like Google’s Gmail, Yahoo also has a mail service called Yahoo Mail.

What is Yahoo ? Who created the Yahoo search engine and how it works

What is the full form of Yahoo?

Yahho full form-Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle.

Who created Yahoo?

Created by two Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo

History of Yahoo?

As mentioned above, Yahoo was created in 1994 by two Stanford University students, Jerry Young and David Philo. And in 1995 its name was launched Yahoo. The first commercial website was launched by Yahoo in which news and advertisements were run. Let us tell you that till a few years ago people used to search everything on Yahoo. Yahoo has its head office in California and its full name was previously Jerry’S Guide To The World Wide Web which was changed to Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle.

Why did Yahoo lag behind Google?

Some time ago yahoo was a very famous search engine, due to this google offered yahoo twice to buy it and yahoo rejected it both times saying that google does not work and today you see that people google everything. Search only. Yahoo had to pay $50 for Google to buy it. Which is today a more expensive company than $522 billion. Google has become one of the most popular search engine of people, if people have to search anything, they search on Google not on Yahoo.

Opportunity to buy Facebook was also turned down by Yahoo

In 2006, Yahoo, like Google, was offered an opportunity to buy Facebook, but Yahoo had priced Facebook at $1 billion. Due to the sudden drop in their city, it was reduced to $85 billion by Yahoo. On this, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg thought again and canceled the deal. And today, Facebook’s market is more than $ 250 billion.

Missed the offer to buy Microsoft

In 2008 Microsoft was ready to give $ 4 billion to Yahoo and Yahoo found this amount too low and it also turned down this offer. However, if Yahoo wanted to, Microsoft could have avoided its bad position by choosing the offer and that too would have been a popular search engine like Google.

What does Yahoo currently have?

Friends, let us tell you that Yahoo has 33.5 state stake in Japan and 15% stake in China’s e-commerce company Alibaba. Looked at this way, Yahoo is almost over and whatever history it existed has become because of two of its biggest mistakes.

How to Verify Yahoo Account?

To verify yahoo account, you have to follow some stuffs given below

  • First of all you have to go to its website .
  • Here you have to click on Don’t Have An Account, Sign Up.
  • After clicking, you have to enter your first name, last name, email address, password, mobile number, date of birth etc. and click on continue button.
  • Now on a page you will see your mobile number which you entered while signing up, here you have to click on Text Me An Account Key.
  • In this way a message will come on your mobile which will contain the code. 
  • You have to enter this code to verify

In this way your account will be verified


Dear friends, hope that you have understood through our article that what is Yahoo or how to verify the account in it, if you face any difficulty related to this, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below. Your comment is important for us, in the same way we will continue to provide you information about other topics through our article.

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