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[Hook: Necro]
What’s this world coming to?
Aiming at you
What’s this world coming to?
Bucking at you
What’s this world coming to?
Nah, I don’t like you
What’s this world coming to?
f*ck you!

[Verse 1: Necro]
You caught a hole in your head because you stole bread
f*ck a reverend, you ain’t going to heaven
Kid, your soul’s dead
I put a MAC-11 to your brethren
f*ck what you said
Bucking the lead, eruption of red
Clapped in your bedroom
You’re artificial like Max Headroom
You’ll end up with scar tissue over a superficial issue
None will miss you
Your existence was seen sacrificial
You life is not beneficial to anyone
You were just seen as a bitch, duke
Attacked that night by a gay parasite
Kill a transvestite hermaphrodite
Another day in paradise
My appetite for destruction makes me buck guns at your functions
And f*ck nuns, please, no interruptions
Some herb dead at a wreck site for running a red light
Body cooked to the death like an egg white
In the flames your brain and flesh burn

Like I’m looking through an infrared light

[Hook: Necro]

[Verse 2: Necro]
Insult the cops and catch multiple shots
Buck at the cops in returning
The government gives you voltage and watts
When will stop?
2 shots in your noodle
The heat spray is brutal
One in your cheek and slug in your Beats By Dre
8 in the torso and abdomen, some Kurdish shit
Murderous shit
In-courteous, disperse shots in your vertebrae quick
Three hit your left hand, another hit your armpit
We tryna make sure you end up in a dark pit, a tar pit
Something similar to a mob hit
What you spit is garbage
You saturate the market, for that you should end up
With decapitated carcass
Sever you like garnish
Retire you are Kevin Barnett with your bonnet scarlet
No running, we walk away impressed
Amused with our gunning
While your family refuse to talk to the press
Buck, buck, buck the gat at your f*cking team
Bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody, everybody scream

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Songwriter(s): Necro


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