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(Owner Of Internet) Who is the owner of Internet

(Owner Of Internet) Who is the owner of Internet
(Owner Of Internet) Who is the owner of Internet

(Owner Of Internet) Who is the owner of Internet

What is internet? Who owns the Internet? Owner Of Internet | Where is internet data stored?

Today we will talk about the Internet because in the present time there is hardly any person left who does not use the Internet. Internet has completely changed our lives. Now people feel that it is very difficult to live without internet. But do you know who is the owner of this internet we use in our daily life? This question must have come to your mind at one time or another. So let’s go without delay, today we will provide you all the important information related to internet through this post of ours. If you also want to know more about the Internet, then definitely read this post of ours till the end.

Owner Of Internet

The Internet is a very large web network also known as the World Wide Web . If seen, there is no internet respect, but many agencies do help to make this web server run smoothly. The Internet is a large network that connects computer systems around the world to each other. Using the TCP / IP protocol, all kinds of information, information, data are transmitted from one computer to another computer to reach each other. All kinds of responses are exchanged through the Internet itself.

More than 900 million people around the world use it and to provide internet access to so many people, internet addressing system is used like postal system. With the help of this we get internet facility. The Internet was invented by the US mainly because of the ongoing war between the US and Russia in the 1970s.

(Owner Of Internet) Who is the owner of Internet

who is the owner of the internet

The one who actually uses the internet is the owner of it. As we told you that the Internet was invented in the public sector of America. If it was invented in a private sector, it would be used only for its own use. No person, any organization or any government or private company has the right on the Internet. But some 

agencies do work by giving advice and giving information on other issues to run it smoothly.

How does internet access reach us?

To provide internet facility to us, it has been divided into three parts. Also known as 3 tier. In the first level, those companies come who connect the service providers globally by laying optical fiber cables under the sea. These companies take money from national level companies.

At the second level come those people who connect the big providers at the national level. This service is provided to small providers by connecting with bigger providers, they come in the third level. All these providers provide internet facility to the general public. These companies give money to national level companies like Airtel, Reliance, Idea.

History Of Internet

  • The credit for creating the Internet is given to many scientists and engineers, not just one person.
  • In 1957, the Advanced Research Projects Agency was established to manufacture a particular technology during the Second World War between the US and Russia .
  • After founding the agency in 1969, he named this technology ARPANET in the early 1980s after his name .
  • After that the name of this technology was changed to Internet .
  • After the invention of TCP / IP protocol, a new mode came in this technology.
  • The Internet was introduced on January 1, 1983, when the TCP/IP protocol took over.
  • Internet in India was started on 14 August 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

Where is internet data stored

Do you know how many websites are there on the internet? If not, then we would like to inform you that there is no count of website on the internet. But according to Google there are more than 1000 billion webpages in the database. The number of which is increasing day by day. Around 500000 webpages are being created every minute all over the world. 

There is no answer to how much data is there in the internet because internet data is not stored in one place. There are many web-servers in the world in which there is a hard disk of millions of terabytes. It can be understood in a way like a computer. There are many savers like google, yahoo, facebook. For example, if you search anything on the search engine of google.com in your browser, then you will get its result in Google Saver located in California, USA.

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