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WILLFUL DEATH Lyrics – BULLDOZER | eLyrics.net

WILLFUL DEATH Lyrics – BULLDOZER | eLyrics.net

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You choose your own way
Deciding to leave
Great and pure musician
You’ve never been corrupted
You played what you liked
No looking for success
You played your best
And we won’t forget your

Not to be condamned

You gave the name to the band
And now we play for you
Maybe you won’t listen
The song dedicated to (you)
But the most important fact
Is that your spirit lives
I know there was nothing to do
That’s why we will respect you

We’ll remember

Proud of your life, noble defy
You didn’t fear your end
You didn’t care, you will survive
You’ll be the guide of your band

Knight of death
You won’t return
Shut in your room
You died

Under the ground you don’t hear the sound
Of people crying for you
They shouldn’t cry, they shouldn’t weep
Cause you have decided to be

Knight of death
You’ll be recalled
Don’t forget
Your band

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Record Label(s): 2013 Scarlet Records



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